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TDI leads the way in finding, designing and executing successful advertising solutions at the airports in India and has been the undisputed leader in this territory for over two decades.

A major growth is also observed at airport advertising and mall advertising domain. With a dramatic increase in the number of flyers (domestic as well as International), airport advertising campaigns of brands are becoming rampant practice amongst advertisers and brand owners. With a rising trend of mall culture in India, malladvertising is another booming avenue of brand promotion through OOH media. An influential means of communication, mall advertising is sure to make its way amongst the most engaging OOH Avenues especially considering the rising number of shopping malls at various Indian cities and towns.

In India, more and more Brand owners are realizing the advantages of advertising at the airports, and it is also picking up, but not at the scale it should. The number of corporate officials traveling by Air has shot up in the last decade, but it seems that they have failed to notice the drastic changes in the profile of an average air traveler. For example, the private insurance companies have still not realized that today's air traveler is ready to pay higher premiums to manage his or her present and future risks. The result is we don't see many insurance companies advertising at the airports. The automobile industry and the hotel industry also have not fully tapped the habits, needs and desires of today's air travelers in India.

So far it seems, even the Tourism Ministry has not thought outside the box and made an effort to promote India's different vacation spots by placing their ads at the airports such as Goa airport, where a large number of international tourists are looking for other exotic spots of India to visit, after they end their holidays in Goa.

So as the time goes by, the need for airport advertising in India is also bound to escalate significantly, presenting new challenges to OOH specialists.


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